BioPhotonic Therapy – The Cure that Time Forgot!

This proven therapy has 70 years of history, helping those who continue to suffer after exploring other treatments and medicines. Step into the world of over 140 published medical studies where Biophotonic Therapy has shown amazing success rates.

Biophotonic Therapy is not new.  Since 1928, BPT is a proven medical procedure that kills bacteria, viruses and assists the immune system and rejuvenates blood properties.  Among other things, it has also proven to increase oxygen flow to the tissues, causing vasodilation and microcirculation.

  • No major side effects
  • Treats over 40 diseases
  • Low Cost
  • Help those in need

Read the articles, “List of Diseases”, “What is BPT?” and other published studies.

The Procedure

The nurse will withdraw blood from the patient’s arm using a butterfly needle.  Approximately 40 milliliters of blood depending on body weight. This same blood is run through a device which exposes the blood to controlled ultraviolet rays.  After the patient’s blood is exposed to the UV light, it is returned to the patient’s vein.

During the process, smaller bacterial and viral cells are targeted, absorbing the majority of the photonic energy.  The healthy cells remain intact while the diseased cells are killed and become antigenic. An “autogenous vaccine”, meaning self-generated, is thus produced.  Microbes in the blood stream are rapidly destroyed when exposed to this “vaccine” and photonic energy.  This process is called “induced secondary immune reactivation.”

The end results produced a new supercharged immune response, greater oxygenation, and a balancing of your system!

Please refer to the article “BPT Not in Use” which will identify reasons why BioPhotonic Therapy has not been heard of by your doctor or you.

What Does It Do?

  • Kill bacteria and virus in the blood

  • Supercharge the immune system

  • Improve circulation

  • Oxygenate tissue

  • Produce a balancing effect (homeostasis)

  • Reduce pain in tissues

  • Increase tolerance of the body towards radiation or chemotherapy

  • Cardiovascular protection through increased metabolism of cholesterol, uric acid, and glucose

  • Produce anti-inflammatory effects

  • Instill anti-infection properties

  • Stimulate production of red blood cells

  • Improve the flow and properties of blood

Amount of Therapy:

The amount of treatment needed is determined by variables such as the state of health of the patient’s immune system, length of time the patient has been ill, and the severity of the disease being treated.

Typically acute infections will be treated with one treatment daily or every other day until improved or resolved.

Chronic situations vary, but a typical pattern of treatment would be one treatment two times per week for three weeks, and then one treatment weekly for four weeks.

We initially recommend:

  • 3-4 treatments for infections, Flu and Allergies
  • 5-6 treatments for Fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue, Shingles, Asthma
  • 8-10 treatments for Hepatitis C, Autoimmune diseases and MS.

Preventative therapy for individuals can be taken every two to three months for a pro-active immune stimulation and balance within the system


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