There are many different types and benefits of infusion or IV therapies. Here at Health Resource Center we offer a variety of nutritional and oxidative infusions to boost the immune system and help your body achieve optimal wellness.

Infusions we offer:

Glutathione IV

Glutathione is the mother of all antioxidants, the master detoxifier and helps recycle all anti-oxidants. It improves liver function. Patients should have significant functional improvement after Glutathione IV.

Vitamin C IV 

Vitamin C IV generates ascorbate radical which can generate hydrogen peroxide to go kill angiogenic cells. Vitamin C is an excellent anti-viral agent as well as can help bind and detox from heavy metals. Vitamin C can provide an antihistamine effect useful in fighting mast cell activation and allergies. Vitamin C helps to stimulate collagen production.  By taking Vitamin C in an IV, we bypass the gut and enhance the body’s ability to absorb the vitamin. Plus, oral Vitamin C has been known to cause gastric distress in some people. At Health Resource Center we use a TAPIOCA (non-corn) based Vitamin C. For Vitamin C IVs we suggest patients arrive well hydrated and having eaten a protein rich meal as high dose Vitamin C can in some people cause shakiness. If on chemotherapy, we recommend the patient allow FORTY EIGHT (48) hours on either side of the chemotherapy to do an IV treatment so that the Vitamin C will not interfere.

Myers’ Cocktail IV

The Myers’ cocktail is a concoction of essential vitamins and minerals that are thought to help the body recover from various disease states or excess physical activity, or enhance overall wellness. It consists of magnesium chloride hexahydrate, calcium gluconate, hydroxocobalamin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, Dexa panthenol, B complex, and vitamin C.

Oxidative Therapies 

Benefits of oxidation therapy are believed to provide a strong modulation to the immune system, improve flow properties of blood, improve oxygen delivery and utilization, improve metabolism, improve defense against infections, blockade the action of proinflammatory substances, detoxify, help with hair loss, increase growth of collagen and elastin in the skin, and improve many other blood parameters. Oxidative therapy is considered to be non-specific treatment for a wide variety of problems, simply by assisting the blood to perform better. No guarantee of effectiveness can be made in any case, however, your doctor believes that the treatment(s) may help your condition.

In any and all oxidation therapies, a minor amount of blood is withdrawn from the patient, mixed with Heparin (a porcine derived anti-coagulant to keep the blood from clotting) and then treated with oxygen/ozone and/or ultraviolet light irradiation. The blood is then returned to the patient. This is called major autohemotherapy (MAH). Ozone therapy performed by the method of MAH has not been reported to have any significant risk of serious reaction. There is alway some risk of any procedure, regardless of how rare. We need to be informed if you are allergic to pork (source of Heparin).

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation IV 

UVB/UBI IV is a procedure that expsoses blood to specific ultraviolet lights to enhance the body’s immune response and to fight infections, as well as can be used clinically in an immune modulating therapy in cases such as psoriasis, lymphoid cancers, chronic infections, viral infections, chronic fatigue, auto-immune diseases and more. The UVB/UBI IV is our first line of defense for enhancing the immune response without having to obtain lab work (G6PD and ferritin) on our patients.

Ozone IV 

It is also called hyperbaric ozone (HB03). We think HB03 is a superior way to do MAH since more ozone/oxygen is dissolved in the blood with this higher-pressure method. We vacuum up to 200 cc of blood into a glass bottle then pump in ozone into the blood under pressure in the bottle, then return it to you (ONE PASS). This may be repeated for a total of 2-10 passes or a greater amount of ozone may be used during a 1-2 hour period. This treatment called Ozone High Dose Therapy (OHT) was pioneered by Johann Lahodny, MD of Vienna, Austria. Benefits of the Ozone IV include immune modulation, cardiovascular improvement, pathogen and toxin reduction, anti-inflammatory effect, aid in bacterial and viral infections, and cosmetic improvements. Ozone may also be injected into joints to breakdown inflammation, restore cell health, minimize pain, and improve mobility. We require G6PD and ferritin lab work prior to all patients receiving Ozone IV.

High Dose Ozone/UBI IV

This therapy is a combination of high dose ozone coupled with ultraviolet blood irradiation. Studies show there is a synergistic effect when combining both of these therapies in one.

Stem Cell/Exosome IV and Intranasal Therapy 

Stem cells and Exosomes replace damaged cells with healthy cells that may help with the immune system fight off some types of cancers and blood related diseases. At this clinic we offer umbilical cord stem cells, umbilical cord tissue (Wharton’s Jelly – a mixture of stem cells and Exosomes), and umbilical cord derived Exosomes (microvessicles from stem cells which are proteins only, not cellular, and carry growth protein factors along with other proteins that allow cell to cell communication for reparative healing between differentiated cells. Exosomes are acellular, signaling nanoparticles (about 100 nm) that are formed within a multivesicle body inside the cell, fuse with plasma membrane and are released into the extracellular environment to travel to sites of injury, senescence and inflammation.  Exosomes can be found in most bodily fluids. Mesenchymal Stem cells (MSC), also known as Medical Signaling Cells, derived from human umbilical cord blood, secrete Exosomes that can target and transfer their cargo from donor to acceptor cell to trigger a therapeutic response and restore homeostasis. Their ability to pass through the blood brain barrier with minimal adverse reactions provides an ideal technology platform now and for future neurological manipulations. Administration can range from IV push slowly over 5 minutes adding normal saline for dilution to intranasal spray onto the cribiform plate. Minimal risks currently no reports of anaphylaxis from either major supplier in the US. Hives or flush have occurred on rare occasion. Benefits of Exosomes include improved cognition, reduced anxiety, improved memory, improved social interaction, improved speech, improved heart function, improved motor skills, improved libido, improved skin and reversed aging.


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