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The Heart Rate Variability is a computerized, qualitative assessment of the functional level of the Autonomic Nervous System. Developed from scientific and medical research in Russia, Germany, France and the US, the Heart Rate Variability is non-invasive and measures heart rate while resting and standing, the relationship of sympathetic to parasympathetic response, myocardial response, adrenal response, high frequency and low frequency neurological function and overall physical fitness. The report can detect the early signs of development of pathological processes or the presence of a functional disorder, which may not be revealed by the procedures of an ordinary physical examination. Two reports will be provided, the nerve express and the health express. The Nerve Express report is used to evaluate the entire Autonomic Nervous System, the functional nervous system of the body that controls the variability of one’s heart rate.

The Health Express report is used to evaluate the following:

  1. General fitness level of the client: The body’s overall physical fitness level and adaptive reserves based on the autonomic nervous system.
  2. The physiological functional level; The level of vitality or fatigue of the client.
  3. The adaptive reserve: A representation of the body’s ability to sustain work and cope with stress.
  4. The physical fitness level.
  5. Heart rate: Indicates the heart rate per minute both while resting and standing as well as an average of the two.
  6. Tension index.
  7. Parameters of Optimum Variability.
  8. Chronotropic Myocardial Response Index.
  9. Vascular Compliance: Reflects pliability of compliance of the vascular system.

Nerve Express Assessment is included with your comprehensive testing and evaluation.


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