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The Lymphatic System is actually like an intricate net that surrounds all organs, including blood vessels. There are hundreds of nodes throughout the body; they are concentrated mainly in the neck, groin, and armpits. It is estimated that the body has 2 to 10 times more lymphatic fluid than blood. However, no organ is devoted to pumping this vital fluid throughout the body. Therefore, lymphatic congestion is a common problem. The lymphatic system is important not only for the distribution of fluids and nutrients to the cells. Just as important, this system picks up the toxic waste, including disease causing organisms and transports them to the nodes for destruction. The lymph fluid, a milky substance, is made up of lymphocytes, proteins, fats and water. These components are electrically charged and repel one another, thereby remaining in a fluid state. When the movement of this fluid is impeded, the components slow and bond together, much like the sticky feeling on the vent hood over the oven, where the fat has bonded with water. The Lymphstar Pro replaces the electrical charge to the lymph and it returns to a fluid state for a time. The Chi Machine will quicken the flow of the lymph, as will skin brushing.


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