Gary Sconyers, ND


Prior to his work in naturopathic medicine Dr. Sconyers was employed as the Director of Marketing for Damon Laboratories and was the owner of Medical Resource Systems where he developed the reference laboratory for Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. He was responsible for sales and services to physicians outside of the hospital. While he was trained in traditional medicine, he dove deeply into alternative health resolutions when searching for treatments for his son Bryan.

Over the years, clients have received assistance with disorders which include, but not limited to: ADD, ADHD, Lyme disease, strokes, chronic pain, anxiety, addiction, depression, memory loss cognitive improvement, heavy medical detoxification, traumatic brain injury, autoimmune diseases, OCD, vitamin deficiencies, emotional wellbeing, fibromyalgia, migraines, insomnia, and lymphatic blockage.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, Gary combines his knowledge of the medical world with his passion for natural healing by educating clients and encouraging them to take charge of their health and overall well-being. He is gifted with the ability to help others understand the connection between the mind, body and emotions and walks beside them as they develop proper nutrition, detoxification, stress management, electromagnetic frequency reduction and emotional healing practices. He is an avid reader, continually researches and executes new therapies, and is devoted to building trust and open communication between the patient, staff and fellow medical doctors.