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Three Step Protocol for Pain

Health Resource Center is excited and very proud to announce that due to years of research we have a wonderful 3 step method for what we have witnessed as fast pain relief. We are proud owners of Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine. We are blessed to learn about new modalities and techniques from the best doctors which enables us to have cutting edge technology! We have two technologies that have been successful in decreasing pain, inflammation and healing the body at a rate faster than we have seen in the past! We are using full body Ultrasound with the Electro-Equiscope.

Three Step Method

We approach pain remediation much like we do any other chronic illness in our clinic. Before we create a personalized plan, we try to understand the source and underlying reasons behind it using an integrative medicine approach.

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The Ultrasound full body scan combines high definition ultrasound with thermography to allow an in-depth look at every organ in the body. Scanning the body from head to toe the exam includes looking at blood flow throughout the body, checking every artery and measuring the arterial wall, taking a look at valves in the heart as well as measuring organs and looking for irregularities. When abnormalities are found the 3D technology in the device can take a deeper look at the issue and determine what steps need to be taken next. There is zero radiation and zero side effects with this test and if tumors, bone spurs or nodules are found the device is equipped with a chipping device which allows a digital biopsy to be performed. The scan can find viruses hiding in the cells to parasites, yeast infection and mold toxicity.


The proprietary therapy system is controlled by a sophisticated guidance program that deciphers and corrects injured or abnormal tissue. The market is flooded with microcurrent systems, but this is unique because the treatment combines a two-way feedback through the skin. If you will, the therapy uses artificial intelligence to decipher the needed pulse to treat the problem areas. A setting is used for each protocol and as the therapy is in session the problematic area dictates how much pulse is needed as it goes to the body and returns to the Equiscope. The therapy is a painless calming experience with results from the first to the third visit. Bryan Sconyers has been treating our patients for 2 months and he has witnessed relief from sports injuries, back-neck pain, ADHD, headaches, migraines, acute/chronic pain, knee injuries, inflammation and renewed mobility. The therapeutic benefits can often be achieved immediately, with its deep tissue healing increasing circulation and decreasing inflammation with optimal results which are non-invasive and non-drug pain relief.

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