Top 10 Things to Help Your ADHD Child

With school off and running, you might be the lucky parent with the energetic, spontaneous and creative child who just can’t seem to sit down during class. Although you love who they are and would never want to change them, they are struggling in school. What have you tried to improve their attention? We want to equip you with the top 10 list of things you can do to help your child.

  1. Cut out foods with dyes. Some children are especially sensitive to food additives and can have a number of reactions to them. Most common is hyperactivity. Some kids can drink fruit punch and maintain good behavior. Others can eat Sour Patch Kids and be very hyper for several hours. Majority of the sensitivity could be due to genetic differences.
  2. Cut out foods with sugar, preservative, chemicals, fried and fast foods.
  3. There is a reason the fidget spinner was such a big hit. Movement can calm your brain. Your child may need 30 minutes or more of exercise per day. Have an open discussion with your teacher and ask if your child can chew gum or sit on a stability ball during class.
  4. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Start your child’s day with healthy fats. Consider eggs, lean meats, and fruits. Stay away from sugary cereal with milk, waffles, pastries, or pop tarts.
  5. Start limiting the screen time with phones, television, videogames, and tablets. 2 – 30-minute sessions per day is the optimal time. Replace screen time with board games, outside activities, and reading. Take it back old school before color televisions and smartphones!
  6. Reduce the amount of blue light. Purchase some blue light reduction glasses to wear at school, during screen time, really anytime.
  7. Consider getting brain geeg mapping. If it’s something going on under the surface, this can give you answers. Even the slightest fall and contact to your child’s head could cause attention deficit. Kids will be kids, so it’s important to ensure that we know all answers. Not to mention, some children are super sensitive to the adjuvants in vaccines. Neurofeedback may be just what you need to get them back on track. Our office offers Clear Mind Queeg mapping and neurofeedback. Contact our office to schedule your child.
  8. Did you know that some children are sensitive to the EMFs in their surroundings? Do you notice your child being more hyperactive during school than on the weekends or in the summer? Consider getting a stezer microsurgemeter to check the plugs in your home. If your readings are higher than 50 you may want to add filters to your plugs. Turn off your wifi at night, add special cases to phones and laptops and a cage to wrap your smart meter.
  9. Try adding a few supplements that help with healthy focus and brain development. Omega 3s, Vitamin D, Magnesium, Digestive enzymes, and probiotics are great. We also recommend a product called Focus DL.
  10. Relax and breathe! Raising our voices, getting excited or upset with them can worsen the situation. Give your child grace, time to grow explore, play and love!

At the Health Resources Center, we are here for you. We understand dealing with a struggling child can be overwhelming and difficult. We are here to help set you up with a plan and see your child succeed both at school and at home. Contact our office (972) 410-8020 today to schedule an appointment.